Data Analytics And Insights

Research & analytic services that produce reliable, actionable data
  • 10% Data Checking
  • Data Validation & Scripting​
  • Verify Frequency Report​
  • Remove Bad OA, Speeders, Outliers​
  • Quota Balancing
  • Open End Coding & Text Analytics
  • Coded OE data merging back to CE data
  • Key Driver Analysis​
  • Factor Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis (ANOVA, t-test, Chi-square, z-test)​
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • MaxDiff Analysis
  • Logistic Regression​
  • Correlation and Regression​
  • Cluster Analysis & Market Segmentation​.
Word Cloud Generator

Word Cloud Generator helps you to create attractive and impactful Word Clouds from open end responses. It’s easy to use and create aesthetically pleasing Word Clouds as a self-contained, shareable HTML page in three ways:

  • View your verbatim responses in a word cloud
  • Indicate the number of occurrences of each word
  • Drill down to the underlying source comments

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